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Xbox 360 Rock Band Drums Set

October 15, 2007

drumsBAM BAM BAM! I definite need this if I have Rock Band already. It’s a five piece drum set that links to the Rock Band game. ~$79.99


Rock Band for XBOX 360

October 15, 2007

rockYea there is nothing more to say….~$59.99

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

October 15, 2007

zeldaWhen an evil darkness enshrouds the land of Hyrule, a young farm boy named Link must awaken the hero – and the animal – within. When Link travels to the Twilight Realm, he transforms into a wolf and must scour the land with the help of a mysterious girl named Midna. Besides his trusty sword and shield, Link will use his bow and arrows by aiming with the Wii Remote controller, fight while on horseback and use a wealth of other items, both new and old.~$49.99

Super Mario Galaxy

October 15, 2007

marioThe ultimate Nintendo hero is taking the ultimate step… out into space. Join Mario as he ushers in a new era of video games, defying gravity across all the planets in the galaxy.~$49.99

Nintendo DS Lite Brain Age Bundle

October 15, 2007

dsThis Nintendo DS lite package includes the BrainAge game and a carrying case. I’m ready to make my brain bigger!~$149.64

XBOX 360 Elite

October 15, 2007


The rumors are true. The Xbox 360 Elite ($480; April 29) brings the 360 more in line with the PS3’s capabilities — and price. This new black version of the Xbox 360 packs in upgrades like a 120GB Hard Drive ($180 Separately) and HDMI 1080p output, while the rest of the 360 features (which are still fairly impressive) stay the same. The bad news? It doesn’t add a ton of new features for current 360 owners. The good news? It actually has enough storage to make Xbox Live Marketplace make sense, and HDMI output is just icing on top. ~$180